National Crime Reading Month

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On June 1st the Crime Writers Association launched National Crime Reading Month 2014.

The whole of June see CWA members visiting venues all across the UK for a series of special talks, book signings and workshops.

Alison Joseph, Chair of the CWA said:

“The CWA exists to support the genre and those who write within it. But without our readers, we are nothing.  Which is why Crime Reading Month is such a very very good invention.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, if I may quote from someone outside my genre, that everyone loves to read a page-turning story.  From time to time, theories are put forward about why readers are drawn to crime fiction, with much pondering about why people are drawn to evil and violence and perversity. But the fact is, there is nothing perverse in wanting to read a darned good tale. We all know the enjoyment of picking up a new crime novel, knowing that within its pages we will encounter both the worst and the best of human behaviour: the potential for great evil, the opportunity for huge courage; and all told in such a way that we simply can’t put it down.

In the end, it’s simple. We read crime stories because we know that within the pages of a crime novel we will find a story that interests us, entertains us, and possibly gives us something to think about. And we who write them, write them to find that story too. In Crime Fiction, writer and reader are utterly interconnected; and Crime Reading Month is a celebration of that relationship.”


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